Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, which are difficult to keep in the dark cold anyway, I like to make self-improvement changes at the beginning of the school year.  Since this is my last year of college, I want to come up with some good ones.  Suggestions are welcome.

Buy a daily planner and calendar.

Use daily planner and calendar.

Procrastinate less.

Do stretching exercises at least three times a week.

Cook dinner with friends at least once a week.

Drink less coffee/beer/bourbon.  Drink more milk and that orange juice with calcium in it.

Stop worrying about grades.

Worry about quality of paper-writing instead.

Spend money on frivolous things every once in a while, instead of saving it all.

Cite my sources.

Participate/volunteer in the community more.

Eat tofu.

Ride my bike.

Learn how to fix my bike myself.

Spend time with the people I like the most.

Call home at least once a week.

Don’t let SDS take over my life/spare time.

Learn Spanish.  Speak French.

Buy food at the farmer’s market, especially apples.

Take better care of my mind and body.  Sleep at least eight hours a night.

Tell my friends and family how much they mean to me.

Listen more.

Do required reading for class.  Not all of it, but enough to make class discussions valuable.

Wash my dishes promptly.

Visit New Orleans.

Really commit to the groups I’m in, like GNO, Students for a Democratic Society, Queer Alliance, WORD, Sexual Assault Task Force,  Students for Choice.

Consider quitting one of those groups, so I have more time.

Buy a soccer ball, get back to playing soccer again.

Write, watch movies, doodle.


It’s a good start.  Hopefully this year will be a good one!