Album cover for the Ultraviolet Catastrophes

Album cover for the Ultraviolet Catastrophes

Another radiant band of the summer, The Ultraviolet Catastrophe will blow your mind–and your physics theories. This emo group, composed of two bodies, rocks songs with infinitely powerful lyrics that really resonate with a modern audience, while lamenting the impossibility of reconciling nature with technology. An intellectual band for the discerning listener, keyboardist Al Rayleigh and female vocalist Jean Planck team up to produce haunting harmonies that will oscillate in your head for days.

Also, check out Planck’s previous solo album, a series of short tracks titled Okazaki Fragments.


MUSIC REVIEW–The Latest Hot Bands of 2008!

The Plural Nouns: A vaguely alternative, super-chill indie rock group consisting of four tight-pants-wearing, skinny, brooding white boys in need of haircuts who play songs about their dramatic, über-meta relationships.  Hit songs include “Ms. Darkside”, “Between Angst and Ambivalence”, and “Whatever, You Know?”.

Pandora’s Bloodbath: Beyond hardcore, this smash-thrash, toxic heavy death metal band puts the “sick” back into music!  The group formed in 2003 after vocalist/main screamer Fred “Bastard Son of a Banshee” Bluddcurdler met bassist and back-up screamer Theophilus “The Defiler” Gorey at a local weekly Satanist bake sale in Wichita.  Their most downloaded albums are “I’m Gonna Fuck You Up (I don’t care that you’re my Grandma)” and “Make Apocalypse Look Like a Picnic”.

More reviews to come!