What you’ve found your cyber-way to is a personal blog of poetic proportions, pared down to the basics of word and verse.  Started as part of the Women’s Creative Collective for Change writers workshop, this is designed to display my poems as simply as possible.  Read what you like, comment if you will, and enjoy your stay here!


2 Responses to “Lianna’s Blogspace”

  1. Pete Gonzalez Says:

    Incredible creative writing.

  2. FoxGlove Says:

    Hello Lianna, I really enjoy your writing!

    I have actually been reading some of your poetry for a class and I wanted to interview you via email for a project to talk about your poetry and your views on the diversity in your poems (i.e. gender, orientation, etc.)

    Email me at LoveInducedChaotics@gmail.com 🙂

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