We can’t all be superheroes

We can’t all be dancers

Some of us got to keep the world

spinning on our shoulders

axis cross our backs like crosses

(find your own burden cause this one’s mine)

Some of us got two left feet

and thumbs black as the spaces

between stars, thumbs stuck out to catch

a ride since we can’t fly (I lost my cape years ago)

Don’t bother to wonder why

it’s just the way the world spins.

We can’t all win the lottery

We can’t all sing our dreams to life

Some of us got songs locked in voiceboxes we

lost the keys to years ago

(when the bank took the house)

Some of us got a long way to go, still bent

double under the sun

burning like pyres

We can’t all be firefighters, can’t

be pirates or pilots or

no one would know how to dance

Nobody would sing

or fix our broken backs

Nobody would have houses or keys

and the world would stop spinning

and half the earth would freeze

shatter (crack)

with frostbite

and nobody would be free.