we are all turning into werewolves

turned lunatic and raving

howling at the moon because it’s silent

distant and we can blame it

instead of closer bodies

bringing us closer to madness

with each revolution


it is a dark and stormy night but

I forgot where I put my torch

and pitchfork

what will the neighbors think

when I turn up empty-handed to the mob


there’s silver spoons in their mouths, but no

silver in our wallets

there’s no silver bullet for this monster we brought

groaning to life, just

a silver lining

hopeful sunlight shining around the edges of

a somber cloud


boom—hear the thunder

crack—or is it guns

see the sky fracture, shattered by lightning

feel the afterimage burning on

your eyes, exploding into a supernova of rage

but remember

this is how stars are born

new and brave

dreaming of becoming suns