I’d like to learn how to do some guerrilla gardening while it’s still (technically) summer here in Chicago.  My cousin told me about seed-bombing a vacant lot in Kentucky and filling it with wildflowers, and it caught my imagination.  There are several empty, gravel-strewn, fenced-off lots in my neighborhood that would be much more beautiful if they had some greenery.  Here’s a basic recipe for seed-bombs I found online:

1) Choose sturdy plant seeds that grow native in your area, such as sunflowers, certain lilies, baby’s breath, or poppies.

2) Combine seeds and compost.

3) Combine seed/compost mixture with red clay, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to keep out ants.

4) Add water til the mixture gets doughy.

5) Roll seed-dough into small round balls with smooth surfaces.

6) Let dry in the sun for at least 24 hours.

You can plant them almost anywhere, wait for rain, and check to see how your garden grows!

Guerrilla Flowers

I want to try it, but I don’t have much in the way of gardening tools.  Instead, think I’ll be volunteering at the City Farm or community garden this month…