Don’t pretend

you didn’t look

you gave me that kind of lingering look we’re not supposed to

trade; we’re supposed to behave

read books by Danielle Steel, prefer touch

to sight, imagine to feel

inaction instead of want, supposed to wait

for Mr Right to come

sweep us right off our feet, but I warn you

my desires are quicker than him and not so neatly defined

they are unrefined liquor that burns your lips

from the shot glass rim down to the pit of your stomach

so admit it

while you still have the excuse of

a tongue loosed by liquid fire

I caught the corner of your eye with the tip of a smile

glimpsed the spark, a live wire within

and even though we both know the flavor

of sin, of not supposed to

of what good girls don’t do

with every drop you’re looking braver, tired of stop

and no in a voice that quavers

tired of shame instead of savor, you’ve had


of good guys acting like bad guys and bad guys

always tricking the good girls and what

is so bad about looking

and feeling

about believing in something that burns, yes,

but brings

so much light and

so much warmth