dial tone

please leave a message for

the number you have

busy signal

your call is important to

the party you are trying to reach

please do not hang up

this is the office of

if you know the extension, enter

is unavailable right now

if you would like to page this person

para español, oprima dos

stay on the line

thank you for calling

your voice is important to us

will call you back

can’t be reached right now

if you are seeking

please be patient

is out of the office

on vacation

on maternity leave

on the golf course

cannot come to the phone right now

dialed incorrectly

please wait

your words may be recorded

mailbox is full

leave your name and number

please hold

you are unimportant

press three

is not here right now

lost signal

cannot hear you

please speak after

all lines are currently busy

and try again later

voice mail

dial tone

the person you are trying to reach does not exist

please hang up or

answer me

I’m sorry

you are disconnected