first thing I’d do

if I never felt fear thump through my veins

would be to buy a motorbike–the sleek, street-smart kind

learn to sky-dive

sit in front of sprawl-spreading bulldozers about to tear down forest

become the next Human Fly

unreasonable dreams, I know

I’m really a coward

too much mind, not enough heart

to push me towards new horizons far beyond

today’s reach

…but I’m doing better, growing braver

with every passing day

I’m trying things I probably shouldn’t,

saying what I’m not supposed to say,

I talk to strangers at bus stops

yell back at the men who whistle on the way home

at night

it might not be safest, but I feel strong despite

the trembling in my fingers

the pounding in my chest

I won’t let you make me into a doll

I won’t play passive and rest inside the boxes

built for me

by expectations and society

I don’t want to be scared anymore

fear, be gone from me.