turquoise. starfish. yesterday. howl. maybe.

good words, but not proper endings. or is there any proper way to end things? I hate awkward goodbyes, would like to go out in style. something along the lines of remember or indeed.

the best finales are quiet ones, after the last drumbeat or note has faded from hearing, with something to cap it, definitively. a last click of an old-fashioned camera rewinding or the period at the end of a sentence. farewell, adieu, those elegant phrasings we’ve traded for “ttyl” and “bye”.

I don’t want to be a ghost, forever whispering the words and comebacks that never managed to birth from my throat while living. the real reason behind my constant writing and telling now: I fear running out of time before running out of stories. death itself, or what may lie on the other side, isn’t nearly as scary as missing out on something grand.

away. beauty. keening. tiger. why.