MUSIC REVIEW–The Latest Hot Bands of 2008!

The Plural Nouns: A vaguely alternative, super-chill indie rock group consisting of four tight-pants-wearing, skinny, brooding white boys in need of haircuts who play songs about their dramatic, über-meta relationships.  Hit songs include “Ms. Darkside”, “Between Angst and Ambivalence”, and “Whatever, You Know?”.

Pandora’s Bloodbath: Beyond hardcore, this smash-thrash, toxic heavy death metal band puts the “sick” back into music!  The group formed in 2003 after vocalist/main screamer Fred “Bastard Son of a Banshee” Bluddcurdler met bassist and back-up screamer Theophilus “The Defiler” Gorey at a local weekly Satanist bake sale in Wichita.  Their most downloaded albums are “I’m Gonna Fuck You Up (I don’t care that you’re my Grandma)” and “Make Apocalypse Look Like a Picnic”.

More reviews to come!