Crazy Moon

Moonlight makes certain things shine out
from tidy hiding places, reveals the real lunatic
in all of us. On any other night you’d be snug
in your bed instead of your current perch on top
of a modern art sculpture
shaped like amoeba ballerinas;
during the clear-eyed daytime I would probably
never chase rabbits barefoot across soft grass
as if I was a kid again
as if I could ever catch them, fast furry bastards.
With this satellite beaming a crazy woman’s smile
down at us and painting trees
in ghostly silver and blue, everything glistens,
seems like a bright new idea. You’d have to be
born sober and stiff to resist
the luscious pull of her heavenly body, up there,
so why bother? Give in
to your longings and let those dark secrets fly
from within, to gleam again in the night.